...because important spending decisions should be based on the facts.
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Ad Facts is a competitive intelligence company that monitors and measures competitive advertising and publicity for business-to-business marketers. We are much more than a clipping service. We turn the information from press clips into actionable data that can provide you with a competitive edge. It's the kind of information no marketing manager can afford to be without.

What Ad Facts can do for you
Working with Ad Facts will help you keep tabs on your competitors' advertising and publicity activities, including:
•  how much money they are spending on advertising
•  how much editorial coverage they are receiving
•  where they are placing ads and receiving editorial coverage
•  how they are positioning their products
•  what press releases they are feeding to the trade press
•  how much they are spending on specific market segments
•  how much editorial coverage they are receiving by specific
    market segments
•  other useful information to allow you to effectively benchmark your Marketing Communications plan

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have an understanding of their competitive landscape and the products they want us to monitor. We then work with them to develop reports that are customized to meet their specific needs.

With Ad Facts, you receive:
•  Comprehensive, user-friendly reports
•  Clippings Binders containing tear sheets of each advertisement and publicity piece
    and relevant placement data
•  Qualitative analysis of your competitors' ad campaigns and strategies and summaries of editorial coverage
•  Other reports and information that help you perform your job more effectively and more efficiently

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...because important spending decisions should be based on the facts.