Our Clients

Our clients range in size from Fortune 500-size global corporations to boutique advertising and public relations agencies. Ad Facts’ Reports are used by product managers, advertising managers and marketing communications managers spanning a broad spectrum of industries for business and consumer products and services.

Common Use Cases

Our clients use our services for a wide variety of purposes, including:

Advertising Spending Benchmarking

  • Are You Spending Enough Relevant to Competitors?
  • Can You Justify A Proposed Budget Increase?
  • Are You Overspending?
  • What Specific Products and Features Are Being Promoted By Your Competition?

Publicity Benchmarking

  • How Does Your Share Of Voice Compare To That Of Your Competition Over Time?
  • Is Your Earned Media Value Where It Should Be?

Keeping Public Relations Agencies Accountable for Publicity Campaigns

Identifying Untapped Markets As Evidenced By A Lack Of Activity In Key Vertical Publications

Bringing New Employees Up To Speed Very Quickly On The Competitive Landscape