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If you are interested in receiving a proposal for an advertising and/or publicity monitoring project, please complete the information below and click on the “Email your request to Ad Facts” button. We will do our best to email you a proposal by the end of the next business day.

Request a Proposal

Yes, I'd like a Clippings Binder to be part of my delivery. The Clippings Binder displays all ads in full color and all publicity pieces with corresponding placement information. No, I do not need to see the actual ads or publicity, I am only interested in receiving a report consisting of one of the options checked below.
I only need to see Quantitative data and an Executive Summary – charts and graphs illustrating the advertising spending by company by publication, editorial pick-up by company by publication, and the number of insertions and the media schedules of each competitor, plus customized reports to help meet your specific information needs. I would like an Apex Report which includes a Qualitative Analysis for each competitor (strategies and supporting facts of ads and summaries of publicity pieces) as well as the Quantitative Analysis and Executive Summary.